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Investment Planning Philosophy

Unbiased Independent Investment Advice Since 1982

Our clients believe that our unbiased, independent investment planning advice is indispensable to helping them to make the most important decisions in their personal financial lives. By segregating comprehensive planning from investing, we maintain the integrity of the investment process.

For this reason, we have chosen not to manage investment assets in-house. Instead, we assist our clients in selecting from premier portfolio management firms that specialize, full-time, in investment management.

Through more than 30 years of monitoring clients’ investments, our team has observed that investors are tempted to increase significantly their equity positions when the market rises rapidly. However, there are times when gains should be realized; that is, some equities should be sold, and assets should be shifted into more stable investments such as short-term bonds and savings. This is not market timing. Instead, it is a prudent and cautious strategy that recognizes and captures success.


 At Squam Lakes Financial Advisors, We Are On Our Client’s Side.

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