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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for Your Financial Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)How do I verify Bob’s status as a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

Since 1983, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) has been the leading association of fee-only financial advisors. NAPFA has strict business and ethical standards for its members including professional competency, client-focused financial planning, and fee-only compensation.

To verify Bob’s membership status as a long-standing NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor (NRFA), visit NAPFA’s website. Click the link to “Find a NAPFA Registered Fee-Only Financial Advisor”, then search the Holderness, NH area.

Will Squam Lakes Financial Advisors manage my money?

No. Our expertise is in comprehensive fee-only financial planning, not in direct money management. Our client base looks to our team to help articulate personal goals and develop comprehensive planning strategies for achieving those goals. Once established, we will serve as a surrogate to assist in identifying the appropriate investment professionals to implement the investment portion of your plan.

Can Squam Lakes Financial Advisors provide advice related to my retirement plan at work?

Yes. As part of our comprehensive financial planning process, we work with all retirement plans, both work related and separately held. Your retirement plan is then integrated with the remainder of the comprehensive financial plan and your personal goals.

 At Squam Lakes Financial Advisors, We Are On Our Client’s Side.

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